Monday, April 25, 2011

An Easter Morning Disposable Diaper Surprise!

Why I love cloth even more!

I had went to a nice family dinner on Saturday evening at my parents home. As we were leaving my mother's house late that night she handed me a disposable diaper to put on my 15 month old because she said she has a bunch left over and needs to get rid of them (both my sister and I are now cloth users). So I just took the diaper and put it on him thinking it would be ok for one night. WRONG! 

I woke up Easter morning to the joyful sounds of my son playing. What I didn't realize is what he was playing with! I get to his crib, look inside, and see white sticky fluffy looking stuff everywhere. At first I thought he threw up some type of noodle. (ick!) But at closer inspection I see his disposable diaper had been taken off. He had then proceeded to rip the lining of the diaper and take the "insides" out. So now I have a fluffy, wet, almost granulated type mess all over the bedding and in the floor outside the crib. 

Needless to say, my mom will have to keep her unusable disposables in the future :-)

At least if he takes off his wet cloth diaper to play with it in the morning all I have is one wet rag. Not a bunch of wet chemical fluff mixture!!!


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  1. I believe I would suggest her donating them to someone else:) LOL. I know that was totally not funny for you, but it did make me thankful we have two fluffy bums around my house. No sposies for us, thanks!