Friday, April 29, 2011

How I got started in cloth.

My first daughter was put in disposable diapers from day one and stayed in them till she potty trained. I had no idea there was a whole other world of diapering out there. I knew nothing about cloth and had never seen anyone using a cloth diaper. So when my son was born we did what we knew….disposable diapers. However, when we found out we were going to be blessed with a third baby I knew something had to change. We had spent fortunes on disposable diapers only to throw them away. That is some expensive garbage! So I started researching ways to save money on infant needs. That is how I came across modern cloth diapering. It intrigued me, so I purchased a few to try on my son and instantly fell in love. It took some trial and error to find out which type of system and which brands worked best for us. But now I am happily and easily cloth diapering two.

I really wish there would have been someone to help me along the way when I first started off with cloth. It would have saved me lots of money and time. That is why I became a cloth diaper consultant. I wanted to be able to help spread the word about cloth!

The things I hear most often:

"Isn't it a pain to clean those??"- No, actually it is very easy. I just dump my wet bag in the machine and the washing machine does all the work.
"Don't you hate having to touch the poo?"- I don't touch poo on a regular basis. In fact, I touched more poo when my daughter was in disposables ( the dreaded up the back poo explosion) than I ever did on my other two.
"Why on Earth would you want to mess with all that when you can just use a disposable?"- There really isn't much to mess with. The only difference is instead of dumping my pail in the garbage I dump it in the washing machine. Plus I really do enjoy saving $2500 per child, keeping awful and harmful chemicals off my babies skin, and not having mounds of stinky garbage every week waiting outside for the garbage man.

There are systems to suit every need and every budget! They are super cute and stylish too (which doesn't hurt). So if you want to put some money back in your wallet, remove some trash from your garbage, and keep your baby's bottom happy, cloth is for you!

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