Monday, April 25, 2011

How It's Made! Disposable Diapers!

Please note all the plastics and polyblends used! And they say that it is debatable on whether cloth is actually more environmentally friendly than disposables!

YES! Cloth does require water to be cleaned. And you must wash them each time they are soiled. However, when producing disposable diapers look at all the energy consumption (aside from landfill waste!). Those machines must produce 2 tons of diapers for each baby! Not to mention all the individual pieces of the diapers are also produced somewhere. For example the plastic. And all the natural materials used are consumed (ie. pulp). This is just showing how the diaper is assembled. It doesn't show any of the bleaching of the materials or the production of the materials used to make the diapers. And what about the plastic bags the diapers come in?? Or the paper boxes?? 

Basically, we have energy consumption at every facet of the production not to mention chemical waste (bleaching of the cloth and plastics in particular).  

And I know....cloth diapers must be manufactured as well. (actually they don't if you get a handsewn diaper). Even when they are manufactured they are only manufactured ONCE! Not for each time a baby potties!  

So let's get real. There is no comparison! There is just no real study done to show the real face of disposable diapers. 

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