Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pampers response to cost analysis study.

I recently also wrote Pampers asking to see a copy of the cost analysis study that they did on cloth vs. disposables. In their FAQ page they quote a study saying this:

Are disposable diapers more expensive than cloth diapers?
Disposable diapers provide great value for consumers, and are not necessarily more expensive than using cloth diapers. A cost comparison shows Pampers diapers total expenditure for consumers range at the low end of the cheapest home-laundered cloth diapers, and cost roughly half the price of a cloth diaper wash service.

I simply asked for a link to or copy of the cost comparison study they are referring to. This is their response.

Hello Tara,

Thanks for contacting Pampers.

We appreciate your sharing your comments on the topic of cloth versus disposable diapers. We believe this choice is an individual decision – we merely wish to provide the information we have to date on the environmental impact of our products. We realize more information needs to be added, and we’re in the process of updating our website.

Thanks again for your feedback. I'll be sure to share it with the rest of the Pampers Team.

Pampers Team

Again, the impression is they are hiding something or the study is so off-base they are scared to show it.  If their study was legit they would be passing it out for free to everyone. I hate it that companies can get by spouting off any facts they choose without having to cough up any facts to back it up.

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