Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pampers Response- What is in your diapers?

So I recently wrote Pampers asking them if they could give me a list of the ingredients in their diapers. This is the response I got:

Thanks for contacting Pampers.

We generally only provide ingredient information on our products if it is in relation to an allergy of some kind. If this is the case, we ask that you have your physician get in touch with us listing the ingredients you’re allergic to and the product you use that might contain them.

Please have your doctor send a written request on office letterhead to: P&G, P.O. Box 599, Cincinnati, Ohio 45201. Or, if you prefer, fax it to us at: 1-513-983-2881.

Thanks again for writing.

Pampers Team

So basically they aren't going to tell you! So this would lead one to believe maybe there are some things in there that one could conceive as "bad". This seems incredibly wrong to me. Food companies have to list all ingredients in their products, but diaper companies can fill their diapers with all types of chemicals and label them as (fragrance, dyes, preservatives, ect) and not have to disclose them. That is just wrong. Obviously if they had nothing to hide they would have simply provided me with a list of commonly used chemicals or ingredients.    

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  1. So to get a list I have to guess what my kid might be allergic to and then see if I might be right??? Garbage!!! I'll use FuzziBunz, full disclosure there!