Monday, May 2, 2011

Pampers...bending the truth.

I was looking over the Pampers website just to see if they addressed the cloth vs. disposable issue. They do! Check out their FAQ page and see what they are telling consumers. 

Why this is bogus. The environmental impact study that they say showed no difference between cloth vs. disposables actually did cite a difference IN FAVOR OF CLOTH! Not to mention they left out some very important issues in the study. Check this out! 

I also like how they add in some "cost comparison" study (surely done by them) shows that Pampers are right on par with cloth costs! 

I know personally I have saved a bunch of money by switching to cloth! My water bill has increased by only about $6 a month since I started washing my diapers. I spent approx. $250 on diapers (for both my babies who are in diapers at the same time). I have already saved money and I have another at least half year for my son in diapers and another two years for my daughter! I would like to see the math from that cost comparison study!

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